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Yooka-Laylee - All Mollycool Locations

Where to find all of the Mollycools for Dr. Puzz's wacky transformations in Yooka-Laylee.


In this guide, we’ll go in depth to show you all of the Mollycool locations in Yooka-Laylee. These Mollycools are required to use one of the game's coolest features: the ability to shapeshift into different beings and objects. Once you find a Mollycool, bring it to Dr. Puzz and she’ll help you transform!

Tribalstack Tropics - World 1

For the first Mollycool, you’ll have to go to the Tribalstack Tropics Grand Tome. Before you’re able to get this Mollycool, you must have purchased the Sonar Shot skill from Trowzers. After that’s taken care of, make your way to the center of the area and roll up onto the Temple. You should see a stone pillar in the middle. Next to this pillar, is a sleepy statue, use the Sonar Shot ability on the statue to unlock the elevator. Ride the elevator to the next level, jump across the floating platforms and jump across them to reach the Mollycool.

Glitterglaze Glacier - World 2

To get the second Mollycool, you need to head over to Glitterglaze Glacier. Go to Plankers, which is past the water and roll to the right-most platform. You should see a grenade bush, use Slurp Shot to swallow a grenade, roll to the back of the middle platform, and shoot the grenade at the cracked boulder. The Mollycool will become available.

Moodymaze Marsh - World 3

The third Mollycool can be found in the Woodymaze Marsh. After you’ve cleaned the water for Jolly Trolley, swim down and look for a cylinder. The Mollycool should be inside of the cylinder. Bubble walk and then use the Sonar Splosion on the cage to blow away the mushrooms. This will free the Mollycool for you to collect it.

Capital Cashino - World 4

The fourth Mollycool is located very close to Dr. Puzz. Go to the slot machine and use the Lizard Lash ability to pull down the handle, this will activate the spinners. Use the Buddy Slam to stop the buttons on Yooka and Laylee’s face. Once completed, you will be rewarded with the Mollycool.

Galleon Galaxy - World 5

The last Mollycool will be discovered in Galleon Galaxy, atop the lighthouse, once you cross the large gap. Use the Flappy Flight to get to the top of the lighthouse, where you can grab the final Mollycool.

Obtaining all of the Mollycools and using their corresponding transformations is needed in order to unlock all of the Pagies in the game, and collecting the Pagies will unlock a Tonic!

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