Prey's Hidden Trauma Center Safe and How to Access It

Answer a series of questions and presto, instant recording and Neuromods.


There are plenty of safes in plain view throughout Prey, and we've located them for you and given you where to find the codes. But one safe in particular is hidden from view and requires you to take a quiz before you can get to it. It's located in the Trauma Center, which is apropos because of the trauma that will be induced if you can't find the safe and all the valuable goodies inside.

First, the Trauma Center is on the second floor and accessed off the Lobby. You will need some keycards to access the numerous rooms in the center, so grab them first. One is located in the Trauma Center's reception area, while another is on the third floor of the Executive Offices. You will also want to grab the shotgun from the security station, since there are some Typhons about. Then head back to the Trauma Center.

There will be two Typhons nearby, and you will either need to sneak past or introduce them to what your shotgun can do. Then enter Mathias Kohl's office and use the computer to start a Behavior Test. The key here is you have to answer the questions in a particular way to get the safe to reveal itself.

The answers to the five questions are (in order)

  • Familiar
  • Calm. It was worth it.
  • Do nothing.
  • Push the fat man.
  • Do nothing.

Once that's done, the painting on the opposite wall will move aside to reveal the safe. You won't need a key code as just getting the painting to move will open the safe automatically. And what do you get for your cleverness? Three Neuromods and a TranScribe recording.

There you go. More goodies and no trauma!

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