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Steam Currently Processing Around 49,000 Refund Requests a Day

Whether actual money is returned is a different issue, but that works out to more than 343,000 requests in a week and almost 18 million in a year.


Refunds are usually part of doing business, but with digital products in can be more tricky. Steam started offering refunds in 2015, and there is always is potential for abuse, especially when some devs even use the policy as an excuse not to put out a demo. That said, though, Valve is currently processing more than 49,000 requests for refunds a day.

The number comes from Valve's Steam support page, which shows that the number of refund requests exceeds all other requests by more than 3-to-1. The response time for refund requests runs between 1.35 hours and a 1.53 days, which is only exceeded by the time to process billing and purchase support requests. However, the low end number is the lowest of the four, perhaps indicating the Valve can easily weed out fraudulent or improper refund queries.

Request Category
Submitted Last 24 Hours
  Typical Response Times
Refund Requests 49,119   1.35 hours to 1.53 days
Account Security & Recovery 12,366   2.47 hours to 16.64 hours
Game & Steam Technical Support 2,211   3.69 hours to 1.26 days
Purchase & Billing Support 1,776   3.34 hours to 1.64 days

Valve's policy requires that a purchaser play less than two hours of the game and submit a request within 14 days for a refund.

If these stats are somewhat consistent and extrapolated to a week, you get almost 344,000 requests. In a year, that number balloons to almost 18 million. Keep in mind that these are just requests and not actual refunds, but just the customer support needed to process it all without some sort of automation must be incredible.

As for the last 90 days:

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