All of Prey's Safe Locations and Keycodes

Safes hold valuables and information. This guide makes access easy opening all the visible safes you will find.


When you are running from enemies in Prey, you don't have time to play safecracker or industrial spy. If you find a safe, you need to get in and out quickly and efficiently with the goods. In many cases the code to access the safe is a set four-digit number. In other cases, it is dynamic, meaning ti will change will be different for each player and playthrough.

Here, we will tell you where to find the safes that are out in the open in the game, and the codes. If we don't have the codes, we'll tell you where to locate them. Note that these locales are not in any particular order, so just find out where you are in the game and look it up here:

The Bridge

The Captain’s Loft:  The desk is hiding a note under a book with the code.

Cargo Area

Cargo Bay Security: In Cargo Bay A, find Sarah Elazar and talk to her. She's happy to give you the ever-changing code.

Crew Area

Dr. Calvino's Office: If you listen to the Notes 3 recording, you'll find out that the safe code is 0523.

Deep Storage Area

Multiple Safes: There are two safes in this area, but this randomized code works for both. You can find out what it is by going to the Command Center and finding Danielle Sho's computer. A note on the back of it reveals the code.


Magnetosphere Control Room: Here is one of the dynamically generated codes. You can find the code in the restroom on the shelf with the toilet paper rolls on top. Move the rolls to find a note with the code on it.

Hardware Area

Dr. Thorstein's Office: Inside the lab, you will find Dr. Thorstein's office and the safe. The key is a sticky note in his office with several periodic table elements. The code matches the atomic numbers of those elements in order, so 9954 will get you in.

Ballistics Lab: This one is also dynamically generated. The code can be found under a grate in the corner of the lab. But make sure you have a Leverage I skill to get it.

Life Support Area

Security Station: There's a note on Erica Teague’s body. It has the code.

The Lobby

Security: In the security room, go behind the desk to find the safe. It's code is 0526.

Dr. DeVries' Office: The Trauma Center is where you will find Dr. Hendrick DeVries’ office. The safe code is 7324.

Neuromod Area

Debriefing Room: You go through the testing labs to get to this room. The code is 5150 for this safe.

The Station Exterior

Dr Igwe’s Cargo Container: It obviously isn't a safe, but it could have something worth grabbing any way. Key in 2312.

Need help cracking more codes? Our Prey guide gives you workstation passwords and door keycodes, as well as helps you find your first gun.

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