Quake Champions: Anarki Reigns in the Ruins of Sarnath

Check out gameplay as Anarki in Quake Champions' Ruins of Sarnath map.


Quake Champions is still in closed beta, but Bethesda and id Software have opened the flood gates to previews and impressions of the game. Among the many characters (known as champions) you can play as, Anarki is one of the most stylish and lightest on his feet... because he rides a hoverboard. Cheater.

At first glance, the Ruins of Sarnath appears to be like any other derelict temple in the wide world of video games. In its center, however, rests a familiar-looking eye that players of Quake 3 and Quake Live should recognize. Check out Anarki in action within the Ruins of Sarnath in our exclusive gameplay video, and don't forget to subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube

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