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Outlast 2 Walkthrough Guide: Living Through the Nightmare

Learn how to make it through Outlast 2 with your wits (mosly) about you.


Outlast 2, the anticipated sequel to survival horror game Outlast from Red Barrels Studio, is finally out on shelves. Players can now become cameraman Blake Langermann and explore Arizona desert after a helicopter crash. The desert takes on a new horror of its own as the crash has alerted a nearby village of cultists, and Blake and wife Lynn must find a way to escape alive.

All of our Outlast 2 guides will be in this one location as we finish them, so check back here for all our guides related to the game.

Basic Tips

  • Your camcorder's night vision and sound tracking are very important, but use a lot of battery. Use them only when you need to.
  • Enemies can do you in pretty quickly, so if you have any doubts about survival, discretion is the better part of valor. Hide. There will be lots of places to do so in the game, as well as lots of shadows.
  • Sleeping cutlists are still dangerous. Houses may seem empty, but always check, especially the bedrooms. And don't open doors without trying to find out what is on the other side first.
  • Look for bandages and batteries early and often. Grab them even if you don't need them.
  • Have your camcorder up and ready all the time. You don;t want to miss any areas where you can record and get more information and backstory. You do move a bit slower, and the camera can block your vision, but just be aware of your surroundings.

The Guides

Finding Batteries: How to find and use batteries, and conserve camcorder power in the game.

Bandages and Healing: Learn how to spot bandages in the wild and find out when you should heal.

Recording and Document Locations:  Documents and camcorder recordings can give you extra insight into the game. Find out where to look.

Outlast 2 Walkthrough

Outlast 2: Part 1 - You've crashed and your wife Lynn is missing. Find her..
Outlast 2: Part 2 - Ethan tells you about Jane Doe. Get out of the cornfield and make it to the farm.
Outlast 2: Part 3 - Get through the barn and find the town.
Outlast 2: Part 4 - The generator is out and you need power for the elevator. Fix it.

Check back daily as we update each of these guides.

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