Outlast 2: Finding All Recordings and Document Locations

Learn where all the recordings and documents are in Outlast 2.


Outlast 2 allows you to use your camcorder to record specific areas as you work your way through the story. In addition, there are documents that you can find that will also add to the ambiance of the game. Both add to the backstory, offering clues and extra information you might normally miss on a quick playthrough. If you are a completionist, here's how to find the documents and places you can record. We'll add more as we come across them.


Jane Doe Story 1 & 2: The intro to the game lets you record these two entries. There is no way to miss them.

Wreckage: At the very beginning of the game, after the helicopter crash, you become the main character, Blake Langerman. You can hold the camcorder over the crash site and record a short segment. If you want to hear "your" thoughts on the crash, you can play it back..

Crucified Pilot: Further down the path past the crash site is the next recording location. Your pilot is hanging on a tree, crucified. Record the scene and play it back to hear what Blake thinks about this disturbing visage.

An Impossible Town : After finding the body, the next recording location can be found coming out of the canyon. You will see a church steeple a ways off on the horizon. Aim the camcorder at the steeple and record. Playback for more insights.

The Tragedy Wall: The next recording spot is where the game teaches you how to open windows. It will be what's called the Tragedy Wall and will be next to the building that offered the windows tutorial. The wall will have dolls and pictures, which should be the focal point of the camcorder shot.


Dear Ellie: This first document can be found on a table inside a small house as you enter the very first village you reach in the game. Head through a screen door and look for the piece of paper next to a corpse laying on the table.

Keep checking back for more items as we find them.

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