Outlast 2: How to Find Batteries For Your Camcorder

How to spot and conserve batteries as you travel through Outlast 2.


Outlast 2 is a survival horror game, so to maintain the atmosphere, you will be playing in the dark often. It will be difficult to see, and if you want to survive, which is of course part of the game, then you will need to learn how to find batteries for your camcorder and use them in a way that won't drain them quickly. Here are the basics:

Finding Batteries

Since these are a key resource in Outlast 2, you will be able to find them throughout the areas you will be exploring. But you should try to explore thoroughly so you don't leave any of the valuable commodities behind. Why are they so important? They give the juice to your camcorder for its night vision and sound tracking abilities.

Much like bandages, you will be looking for glowing items on tables or the ground in various buildings. If it has a door, or a space where one should go, open it and check for the glow. Power to the camcorder is essential for staying alive and completing the game so leave no spot unexplored. When you find them, the next key is to not wear them out to quickly.

Make Your Batteries Last

This is important: Don't use the night vision and sound tracking abilities of your camcorder as a lazy way to get through the game or you'll be spending a lot of time in the dark while you find more batteries. In areas that are fairly well lit, keep the night vision off. And sound-tracking uses more battery life than nigh vision so keep it off by default and only turn it on when needed. There is no worse feeling than coming to an area where you really need one of those abilities and the camcorder has little or no battery to do it.

Some areas of the world have torch light or campfires, so remember to power down nightvision when you are around those. Some villagers even use flashlights, so you can use those to see what they see if you are careful. But don't be afraid to use nigh vision if you think a trap is right around the corner.

The good news is that enemies can't see your night vision light, but it will still be essential to monitor how you use the camcorder so that you have plenty of battery life, and extra batteries in your inventory to get you through the toughest - and darkest - locations.

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