Jackbox Games Perfects the Art of the Troll

Studio announces Jackbox Party Pack 4 and takes a swipe at Call of Duty: WW2 and Battlefield 1 at the same time.


Call of Duty: WW2 and Battlefield 1 took some serious heat for the total lack of creativity in naming the next version of their flagship franchises. But some games titles in a series usually demand that they follow a numerical sequence, to give players an idea that the new game is a next installment. Enter Jackbox Games to follow that formula, taking a shot at the big boys at the same time.

The company revealed Jackbox Party Pack 4 with the kind of verbal swipe that any troll would love. "Here at Jackbox games, we try to be unpredictable," Jackbox said in a blog post. "Sure, every entry in our critically-acclaimed series of party game collections has included the words “The Jackbox Party Pack,” but each one has a completely different number at the end. So, when we decided to make a new one this year, we rolled our twenty-sided die as usual. It landed on two, but we did that one already. So, after nine more re-rolls, we are excited to announce The Jackbox Party Pack 4, coming to major digital marketplaces this Fall!"

Yep, Jackbox offering more creativity in one paragraph than both of the marketing departments at Activision and Electronic Arts combined. Huzzah!

In taking the wraps off the new party pack, Jackbox unveiled that Fibbage would be back (with a 3 at the end), with even more trivia options meant to engage gullible people. 

More info will be coming later on the game, hopefully in the same clever fashion.

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