Street Fighter 5 to Get Work Costumes for Alex, R. Mika and Chun-Li

This is coupled with school costumes for Ryu, Chin-Li and Juri, all coming April 25.


New skins are always fun in any game. They break up the monotony of looking at the exact same thing in a game you play regularly. Capcom's next batch of DLC will offer new Street Fighter V costumes for Alex, R. Mika and Chun-Li, dubbed "work" attire, and three school outfits for Chun-Li, Juri and Ryu.

Alex gets a new Firefighter costume, almost enough to turn him into a calendar boy, Capcom said. Chun-Li gets business attire, "ready to tackle any meeting," and presumably any opponent. R. Mika's attire, though  seems more apropos to the school outfits, as she is a cheerleader with no visible team, complete with removable pom-poms.

The school outfits have Ryu as a Japanese bancho (or student gang leader). The art is supposedly derived from actual school outfits that a SFV team member said he wore when he was younger. Chun-Li also gets another makeover, this time as an Honor Roll student in a school-girl outfit. Finally, Juri gets the Goth treatment, with black lipstick and nails, and a spider on the back of her jacket.

All of the outfits will be available on April 25 for $3.99 each. A remastered Thailand Stage from Street Fighter 2 will also be available for the same price. 

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