Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Find and Extract El Muro

Get in and get out with El Muro by following our Ghost Recon Wildlands guide.


Locating and extracting El Muro is one of the trickier missions in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. Scouting out a target is part and parcel of being a good operative; lucky for you, we can give you all the intel you'll need to find, capture, and extract El Muro, head of security for the Santa Blanca cartel and known as "The Wall" by his buddies.

Unlocking the Mission

You can't engage the El Muro mission right away. First, you'll need to bring down El Sueno's elite security forces. Instead of throwing yourself blindly at targets, focus on taking out the movers and shakers of the Santa Blanca Cartel: General Baro, La Yuri Y El Polito, Carl Bookhart, and El Pozolero.

With those out of the way, you're ready to undertake the El Muro mission. Travel north to the Media Luna province, located along the border, to get started.

How to Locate El Muro

Exercise caution en route to Media Luna. El Muro hangs out near a base there, but the territory is hostile. Stay on the outskirts of the province and move to the east, where you will find a safe house. From the safe house, move west to the base. Assume the prone position to avoid detection, then take out your binoculars to get the lay of the land. You should be able to see Unidad and Santa Blanca fighting. Lie low and wait for the two rival factions to wear each other down.

Once the dust settles, use your sniper rifle to pick off any stragglers. Move into the base and head toward the air traffic control tower, where you'll find El Muro—who bolts as soon as he spots you.

How to Capture El Muro

The chase is on! El Muro makes tracks for a vehicle parked near the tower. Put your guns away for maximum speed, then take off after him. Instead of going straight for him, swing around the vehicle and hop into the passenger seat next to him. He'll try to abandon the car and resume running; act quickly to capture him.

There's another, more dramatic way to complete this leg of the mission. Wait for Unidad and Santa Blanca to bleed each other dry, then commander and vehicle and blaze a trail into the base and the air traffic control tower where El Muro's hanging out.

How to Extract El Muro

Apprehending El Muro was the easy part. Getting out alive, and with him in your custody, is the real challenge. Ghost Recon Wildlands lets you choose your method of extraction. Each comes with a set of risks. Trying to fly out, for example, triggers anti-air weapons that can shoot you down. Traveling on foot can result in El Muro getting caught in crossfire or, sense you're near a border, tumbling right off a mountain.

Your best bet is to stash him inside a vehicle armed with a turret. Assign your companion to the gun. Now get behind the wheel and peel out. Your companion should shoot any opposition full of holes as you race back to San Mateo Alpha. There are faster methods, but in this case opting for the scenic route carries the lowest odds of failure.

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