Ghost Recon Wildlands: Narco Road - How to Find the Dragonbreath Gun

Learn how to breathe fire (by way of bullets) in our guide to finding the Dragonbreath Light Machine Gun in Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Ubisoft's Narco Road DLC expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands adds a bevy of new content, not the least of which is the Dragonbreath Light Machine Gun. You find the Dragonbreath Light Machine Gun by gathering intel that leads to the weapon's secret location on your world map.

That's the catch. You don't actually need to piece together clues to the Dragonbreath gun, or any other weapon, provided you know where to go. If you prefer to cut to the chase and get straight to shooting, read on to find out where the gun is stashed.

Getting to the Dragonbreath Light Machine Gun

Narco Road's DLC must be launched from Ghost Recon Wildlands' main menu. (Read our guide on how to start Narco Road if you're new to the expansion.) Once you're in the area, open your map and scroll up. The northernmost portion of the environment is called Los Kamikazes, a territory marked by train tracks bordering a river. The Dragonbreath Light Machine Gun waits for you there.

Start out heading north, keeping an eye open for a Unidad base. That's one of Los Kamikazes' major landmarks. Enemies inhabit the area, so switch to or find a weapon that you can use to pick them off from afar rather than risk a close-quarters skirmish. Don't attempt to fly over the base. The level designers populated the base with anti-air turrets and other weaponry.

Once you've cleared out the base, go inside and lay claim to the Dragonbreath Light Machine Gun. Consider taking out any anti-air outposts on your way out in case you decide to fly over later on. (Optional: Pull up the gun in your menu and take a minute to gaze in awe at the stylish fire skin emblazoned over the weapon.)

Looking for more information on Ghost Recon Wildlands? Check out our guide on starting the Narco Road DLC expansion, and another article on how to get more resources.

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