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Quake Champions Unveils Duel Mode, New Unholy Paladin

Russian YouTube channel shows off a match between SyncError and id eSports manager ZeRo4.


Bethesda and id software continue to trickle out information on Quake Champions, with the latest coming from a Russian YouTube channel showing off a new Game Mode after a visit to the id offices in Dallas. Best of three anyone?

The new mode is called Duel and basically is the best two-out-of-three on a particular arena map. Each player picks three champions, with no duplicates on a team. When a champion dies, a new champion from the roster is picked and respawns to continue the game. The match, which is a set time limit, lasts until a player's three champions have been eliminated, or time runs out, in which case the player with the most champions left wins. A tie in champions means sudden death overtime. Once a game is over, everything resets for round 2. 

The information comes from C-C-Combo Breaker! (via PlusForward). Apparently, the Russian group also saw the full roster of champions and another new game mode, but can't say anything until after Bethesda's E3 showcase. The accompanying video below is in Russian, although id Creative Director Tim Willits is obviously in English. At around the six-minute, 30-second mark, you can see Duel mode in action in a match between Adam "SyncErrror" Pyle and id eSports Manager John "ZeRo4" Hill 

While that was happening, id unveiled a new champion on its own, the unholy paladin Galena. Her stats are 100 starting health, 25 starting armor and a speed of 280. Her active ability is unholy totem, which can heal her and allies, while also causing damage to enemies. Her passive is channeling, which allows her to cut 5% of the totem cooldown each time she grabs a health bubble.

Quake Champions is currently in closed beta, and another round of invites will be coming in the next few days. 

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