Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Shaolin Shuffle: Kung Fu Styles

Everybody is kung fu fighting in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Shaolin Shuffle map.


Forget shooting zombies in their rotting brains; the best way to deal with the undead in the Shaolin Shuffle map, part of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Continuum DLC package, is to channel your spirit animal and break out kung fu moves.

What to Know About Kung Fu Fighting Styles

There are four fighting styles to find in Shaolin Shuffle, each of elemental origin that you can pit against the map's funky zombies. You won't be able to wield your guns while kicking and punching zombies to death (again), but who needs bullets when you've got spirit animals on your side?

Each of the four elemental kung fu fighting styles can be upgraded individually. Think of them as guns: you want to master all four so you can choose the one best suited to each situation as you go along.

How to Acquire All Four Kung Fu Fighting Styles

Kick. Punch. It's all in the mind... and in the Black Cat Dojo courtesy of Sensei Pam Grier. Enter the dojo and speak with the sensei. After your conversation, you may notice that all four Chi Power gourds sitting on stands inside the dojo changed colors. Those gourds, and their colors, signify your new abilities. Green symbolizes the snake, yellow stands for dragon, red means tiger, and blue equates to crane.

Do not be greedy, young grasshopper. You can't kung-fu zombies just yet. Approach any of the Chi Power gourds to select one. Pressing right on your controller's direction pad causes your character to enter the stance related to the fighting style you chose.

How to Upgrade Kung Fu Fighting Styles

Each fighting style will serve you well in its basic form. Upgrading styles, however, lets you tap into super moves. Although each style is unique from the others, you go about upgrading them in the same way.

Step 1: Earn 15 melee kills using your newly minted fighting ability. This one's easy: just press right on your d-pad and start bashing zombies. An icon in one corner of your screen keeps tabs on how many you've slain.

Step 2: Kill 25 enemies by throwing shurikens. Take aim and let fly by tapping RT on Xbox One and PC, or R2 on PlayStation 4. Once again, monitor the counter in the corner of your screen to track your progress.

Step 3: Use your recently acquired Chi Power move. Completing the first two steps unlocks a Chi Power special attack for each fighting style. Earn kills using your attack, keeping in mind how and where each attack plays out. Dragon spouts yellow flames from the floor at certain locations; Crane style freezes zombies in place, making them easy pickings; Tiger creates a grenade that blows walkers to bits; and Snake calls forth a skeletal companion to fight by your side.

Step 4: Rack up kills by performing Chi Power moves. Eventually you'll unlock a super move. Activate it by pressing LB + RB on Xbox One and PC, or L1 + R1 on PS4. As with Chi Moves, super attacks are unique to each style. Dragon style summons an actual dragon that ravages zombies near your location; Crane enables you to perform a powerful jumping kick; Tiger style pounds the ground, causing explosions; and Snake issues a fast forward chop—as fast as, say, a snake darting in for the kill.

Need more tips and strategies for Shaolin Shuffle? Check out our guide to finding power locations across the map.

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