Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Shaolin Shuffle: Turning on the Power

Zombies love brains, but you love triggering power switches just as much in Infinite Warfare's Shaolin Shuffle DLC.


Shaolin Shuffle carries on the long-running tradition of integrating zombies into Call of Duty, this time in the Shaolin Shuffle DLC map. Like all Call of Duty: Zombies maps, you get started in Shaolin Shuffle by figuring out how to turn on power in the 1970s, New York City-themed vista. Zombies, power generators, blood, bullets, disco... Shaolin Shuffle has it all and then some.

What to Know Before Starting Out

Running power through the map isn't as simple as flipping a switch. There are four mechanisms on the map that must be found and enabled. Each switch routes power to a specific quadrant of the city. Triggering all four opens up a hidden area where you can face a boss and feed your craving for perk by using a hidden Tuff 'Nuff machine.

Turning them on is easy; finding them is the hard part.

Finding the First Power Switch

The first power switch is also the easiest to find. Once you begin in the subway room, look for a white pillar next to a stationary train car. You can't leave this area until you've flipped the switch, so get busy flipping out.

Finding the Second Power Switch

Work your way to the rooftop area and climb the ramp until you reach a stairwell. Take the stairwell up and look for stairs encased in bars. Descend the stairs. At the bottom, hang a U-turn and look for the power switch in a rear corner.

Finding the Third Power Switch

Retract your steps and shoot a path to the Inferno VIP Lounge. A heap of debris blocks your way onto stairs leading up. Clear the debris and ascend until you find a door with a picture of a lightning bolt. Seems promising, no? Flip the nearby switch. Three down, one to go.

Finding the Fourth Power Switch

Hurry along to the strip club and look for another pile of debris blocking stairs leading down into the subway. Blast your way through down and find the Bang Bangs perks machine. From the machine, hang a left to go across the tracks. You'll find the last power switch along the opposite wall near a tunnel entrance.

Prepare to Fight the Rat King

Throw all four power switches causes a hidden door to open somewhere in the subway. Take the ingress and follow the tunnel to a circular room. On your left you should see a tunnel with lights. Head that way, and use the Tuff 'Nuff perk machine if you need to power up.

With power restored and perks machines at your fingertips, you're just about ready to fight Shaolin Shuffle's Rat King boss.

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