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Disney Afternoon Collection Restorer Explains It All

Game preservationist Frank Cifaldi shares some cool insights about bringing back the classics.


The Disney Afternoon Collection is out today, and its love and respect for the classic Disney-Capcom partnership is readily apparent, as noted in our review. Part of that comes from the museum features, which are packed with rare artwork and artifacts. Now that the game is out, the Head of Restoration for Digital Eclipse, Frank Cifaldi, has outlined some interesting notes about the process in a lengthy Twitter stream.

Most of the very exacting care was put into the menus. For example, the box art in the game selection screen aren't just scans of old boxes. The original artwork was used to recreate them entirely for high-definition. Similarly, Capcom's archives were used to remaster scans of artwork from the instruction manuals. Cifaldi also noted that he bought a copy of DuckTales on Gameboy at the last minute to include it in the gallery of box art. 

The two new modes, Boss Rush and Time Attack, received some subtle tweaks to make them stand on their own. Darkwing Duck has more ammo, and Baloo in TaleSpin is always fully powered up. The bosses in the Chip 'n Dale Boss Rush modes alternate between the two chipmunk heroes. And the timer in both modes track your time down to the exact frame.

The classic music was left untouched in the games, but the Options screen for each game has Easter eggs in the form of remix medleys. As Cifaldi notes, they're easy to miss since players are likely to quickly select the game mode they want. 

Finally, Cifaldi pointed out that the prototype builds in the museum are especially fulfilling for him personally.

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