This Week @ Shack: 'Doomy Doomy Doom' Edition

In which our latest feature grows to Mancubus proportions.


Welcome back to This Week @ Shack, our weekly roundup of news, commentary, video, guides, such-and-such.

We have a soft spot for Doom here at Shacknews. Our humble roots were as a Quake fan site, so id's trademark brand of splashy violence is connected by proxy. Doom 2016, as it's been called, was our Game of the Year. This was after it had received high praise in our review, including one of my favorite review subtitles of all time

I usually use the intro to this column to talk about some happening in the world of video games, but this time, I want to give a shout to the whole team, and David Craddock in particular, for the fantastic work on our latest Shacknews Select. It's called Doom: To Hell and Back. These longform features have been pretty ambitious in the past, and covered subjects as diverse as the end of the console ban in China. This one combined a post-mortem for Doom 2016, an in-depth story of the creation of the series as told by the people who were there from the beginning, and firsthand accounts regarding how the fan community has made it their own.

It's the most massive feature in Shacknews history by far–almost 40,000 words, so long that we broke the site and had to tinker with the backend just to make it work–and it's utterly fascinating. This holiday weekend you probably have some time off, so make sure to brew a cup of coffee, or maybe a bathtub of coffee, and sit down for a deep dive into hell.

Uh, happy Easter?

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