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Switch Had the Best Launch Month of Any Game System in Nintendo History

The company reported that it sold more than 906,000 units in March, 'a non-traditional month for a console launch.'


After analyst reports and teases about how well the Nintendo Switch sold in March, we finally got something official. Nintendo of America, citing NPD's March numbers, has confirmed that the console-handheld hybrid sold more than 906,000 units, selling "faster in its launch month than any video game system in Nintendo history. 

Nintendo even went further, saying that the numbers happened despite the console coming out in "a non-traditional month" for a launch.

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten anything yet on worldwide numbers, but with Nintendo due to have a quarterly financial meeting later this month, we can expect even more detailed numbers then.

In addition to the solid Switch sales, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold more than 1.3 million copies in the United States - 925,000 of those for the Switch - making it the fastest-selling launch title and the fastest-selling Zelda game ever. The numbers may seem a bit off given that more copies of the game were sold for the console than it actually sold consoles, but Nintendo explained that "This may be attributed to people who purchased both a limited edition of the game to collect and a second version to play."

The Switch continues to sell well, and Nintendo vowed that it's "working to make sure everyone who wants a system is able to buy one, and more systems are continually being shipped."

The news was good for overnight trading of Nintendo's stock, which was up for than 3% in early trading on the Nikkei stock exchange in Japan.

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