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Offworld Trading Company Heads to Io in Jupiter's Forge Expansion

A new resource, resource system and two new factions and some extra gameplay to an already interesting game.


Offworld Trading Company is an interesting blend of city-builder, stock-trader and real-time strategy game from Civilization IV vet Soren Johnson's Mohawk Games. A newly announced expansion, Jupiter's Forge, is moving the game from its previous digs on Mars to the planet Jupiter's moon Io, while adding some new layers of gameplay.

Two new factions have been added: The Diadem Trust, which are masters at getting more out of advanced structures like the Hacker's array and Pleasure Dome, and The Penrose Collective, which has two HQs and can return land claims after they use them up or choose to build elsewhere. All the factions will also have a new basalt resource to use and try to corner the market on.

“The further out into space we go, the harder survival becomes,” said Johnson, who is also lead designer on the game. “Unlike Mars, Io’s resources are finite and will deplete over time, which makes the competition even more cutthroat. Players will have to adapt to an entirely different resource hierarchy than they’ve become used to on Mars or Ceres if they want their businesses to survive here.”

Other additions include:

  • New buildings and structures
  • New patents and black market events
  • New map events: radiation storms, sulfur frosts, landslides, and tremors
  • 1000 Map Challenge for those that like multiplayer

“With each map you beat, the next one gets harder,” Johnson said about the 100 Map Challenge. “Each map has its own individual leaderboards. We also have overall scores - the idea is to get as far as you can while overcoming the increasing difficulty.”

The expansion will be coming to Steam later this Spring. No price is listed, but if it is like the Blue Chip Ventures or The Patron and the Patriot DLCs, it should run around $4.99. If you haven't tried it, you should ... really.

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