GTA Online Launches New Land Grab Adversary Mode, Offers Double RP

Seven maps to mark with neon colors and claim territory before your opponent does it to you. 


Rockstar continues to keep Grand Theft Auto V in the hearts and minds of players, this time with a new Adversary mode that literally encourages you to "shoot the other guy in the neck, grab his turf, reload and repeat." What a great visual to start your day!

The new mode, entitled Land Grab, comes with seven maps that will allow up to four teams to roam the streets of Los Santos marking turf for their team in neon colors, just by running over it. Of course, the other teams have the same idea, which is where the bloodbath comes in. The description mentions unforgiving cyberspace, and the neon suits give things a Tron-like feel, so you may be roaming San Andreas and Los Santos, but through some computer simulation of the cities, although Rockstar doesn't really do a masterful job of explaining the setup, but hey, shooting people in the neck is always fun, right?

To push the interest in the new mode, Rockstar is offering double GTA$ and RP through April 24. So grab some friends and your lightcycle and go play Tron ... er, Land Grab.

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