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Leaked Overwatch Trailer Reveals 'Insurrection' Event Details

The team is going back seven years to a controversial mission against the Omnic threat. Also, new skins!


The next content update for Overwatch will take players back to an important mission from the organization's past, judging by a leaked trailer.

The Overwatch Insurrection (or Uprising) event follows Tracer in her first mission, after having convinced her commander to disobey orders in a recent comic that set up the event. A Google translation (via GameSpot) promises a co-op mode, along with new skins, emotes, and tags for the event, which will run through May 1. The trailer seems to have leaked on PlayStation France's YouTube account a bit earlier than intended. 

We can probably infer from the trailer that the new skins will include some classic-styled Overwatch uniforms for Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn, along with Blackwatch skins for McCree and Genji, another skin for Sombra, and various other goodies.

Here is a translation (via PvP Live):

"Morrison here: London has been attacked, King's Row has fallen. We are in the middle of an open war."

Mercy(?): "Hundreds have died, and a few thousands have been hurt."

"Go, Overwatch."

Reinhardt: "Willhem reporting. We will save as much lives as we can."

Reaper(?): "Blackwatch agents are noticing important fortifications. Area 0 is in control of the zone."

Torbjorn(?): "Let me, the expert, do what's required. Response team, we're counting on you, and take care of the new recruit."

Tracer: "You can count on me, chief!"

Torbjorn: "Be careful"

Reinhardt: "I'm moving the payload!"

"Let's go!"

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