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Sometimes you get all the sleep in the world and still wake up more tired than you were when you decided to go to bed. That's what today has been like for me, friends. Don't worry though, I won't let it get in the way of your weekly Rewind, for the approximately 4 of you who read this who haven't been linked here by me specifically. You want your weekly mobile and handheld news, and by god you're gonna get it. Let's start with the games!

Butterfly in the skyyyy

The Legend of Terraria: Sea of the Wild

Breath of the Wild popped back up in the news this week, surprising no one. Most importantly due to an interview in Weekly Famitsu where Aonuma confirmed that future Zelda games would likely follow BotW's concept. Also, a guy used magnesis to fly really high in the air and glide for ages, which was cool. Nintendo is finally getting up to date with the digital and indie times, according to someone from the SteamWorld Dig 2 developer, so hopefully no more ridiculous situations of waiting 6 months for a Xenoblade Chronicles release when it's already in English. Oh, and the excellent Cave Story + is getting a physical release on the Switch, so play that if you haven't. You know what? Play it again if you have.

Those of you looking forward to the Terraria spinoff Otherworld will want to take note of a recent change in developer, due to the project falling behind in both schedule and scope. If it's been long enough since Assassin's Creed 4 that you're interested in being a pirate again, look out for the upcoming mobile port of Tempest, the open world pirate action-RPG. An incredibly strange looking puzzle game called GNOG is coming to not only mobile devices, but PS4 and PSVR as well, with a dope soundtrack to boot. Steve Tyminski reviewed MLB Manager 2017, and I posted a list of some of the best handheld RPGs currently available. Don't worry, Chrono Trigger is there.

It's a feature

The S in S8 does not stand for Security

A bit of tech news this week to break up the gaming talk, because I have a whole Rewind to fill out here, and at this point you're coming along for the ride whether you like it or not. You probably heard that Samsung put some facial recognition into its S8 for optional added security when unlocking your phone. Well, conveniently, if your family needs to access it in an emergency, turns out all they need is a picture of you! That's right, some guy beat the S8's facial recognition with a picture taken on another S8.

Imagination Tech, who'd been making chips for Apple for ages, dropped substantially in shares after Apple announced they were moving on from them. How do you like them apples, Imagination Tech? Android has surpassed Windows as the internet's most used operating system, because pretty much everyone owns a smart phone these days. Apple seems like it might be trying to pick up where Vine left off with its new Apple Clips app. Finally, Microsoft has managed to overtake Apple in tablet user satisfaction according to a new survey from J.D. Power, which looks at all manner of tablet related statistics, such as “Who the hell is buying all these Microsoft tablets?”

You did it, friends, you reached the end. I wish I had a plate of cookies, or perhaps some gold star stickers to reward you for sticking through it with me, but alas, all I can do is wish you a good weekend. If you're like me, you'll be spending it entirely in pursuit of wooing Dr Takemi in Persona 5. Godspeed.

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