Gears of War 4 April Update Bring Chocolate Weapons and Big Bunny Heads

Two new maps from Gears of War 3 have been redone and will be added to the mix.


The Gears of War series is not really for the youngsters, so despite the Easter theme of the Gears of War 4 April update, it is highly recommended that children avoid it, unless you want them to run screaming from anyone in an Easter Bunny costume,

The update will bring back Big Bunny heads from previous holidays, but this time in a variation of the Guardian game mode called Bunny Hunt, Also, five chocolate Easter-Egg themed weapon skins will be available to those who register on and complete challenges in a special playlist. 

In addition, Gears of War 3 maps Hotel and The Slab have been redone and included in the update.

A variety of ranking and tuning changes will be coming as well, offering changes to Competitive and Core gameplay. "Our Core changes mostly focus on making the starting weapons fit their role better than before, with reduced range on the Gnasher, improvements to the Hammerburst and slight tweaks to the Lancer," The Coalition's Community Manager Liam Ashley said in a blog post. "For Competitive, it’s all about adjustments that highlight the teamwork and competitive nature of playing with these team-focused settings."

The update is scheduled to hit on April 14. Happy Easter, furballs.

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