Heroes of the Storm Fans Find Evidence of New Character From Overwatch

They seem certain that Genji will be the next reveal for Blizzard's MOBA.


The internet sleuths are at it again, this time tracking down plausible evidence that Overwatch's cybernetic assassin Genji could be making his way to Heroes of the Storm in the near future.

Part of the evidence comes from a fan-made video taken at Blizzard's French office in Versailles. A rather blurry image from the video seems to show Genji's character portrait in the HotS selection screen, which distinctly resembles his look in Overwatch. 

This supports evidence that surfaced last week as players signed up for the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 beta. Confirmation emails coming after the signup described Overwatch themed battlegrounds and Genji by name, but those have since stopped coming. 

Finally, the source code for the Heroes of the Storm character page at one time listed the assassin Genji, but that has also been removed.

Despite Blizzard's attempts to cover its tracks, the HotS subreddit continues to maintain that it isn't a mistake or misdirection, but just Blizzard inadvertantly outing the next hero before they were ready. If indeed true, Genji would join Overwatch pals Tracer, Zarya and Lucio in the battle arena game.

While mistakes happen, this could just as easily be a calculated move by Blizzard to get the fans talking about the game. Heroes of the Storm is heading into a free-to-play direction with the next big update, and continued conversation about the game is free advertising that is priceless.  


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