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PSA: Elder Scrolls: Legends is Now on iPad, and It's Pretty Good

A new challenger has entered the digital CCG arena, and it's putting its first expansion in direct competition with Blizzard's behemoth.


Good news, CCG fans. Elder Scrolls: Legends, Bethesda's take on the digital collectible card game, is available on iPad. You can find it on the App Store now. Like many of its competitors in the digital CCG space, it's free-to-play with optional packs to purchase. You can get three free packs for linking or signing up for a Bethesda account.

As a longtime Hearthstone player, I've been eager to try out Elder Scrolls: Legends too, but I opted to wait until it was available on iPad. Those familiar with Blizzard's CCG will find it pretty easy to jump in, though ESL has some notable differences. Most strikingly, it splits most battles into two lanes, forcing you to make strategic choices to balance two separate battle areas. You can also choose upgrade paths for cards as they level up, and an extensive story mode grants some basic cards and choices. It has a different enough flavor that I can see playing splitting my time between both, giving me one more daily game to check in on.

Elder Scrolls: Legends isn't wasting any time with expansion plans. As previously reported, a new standalone story called The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is coming on April 5 for $19.99. That will introduce 40 new cards, along with a new keyword called "Slay" that rewards you for killing an opposing creature. Very thematic for the famous assassin's guild. You can check out some of the cards coming in the Dark Brotherhood set now on the official site.

The timing will likely pit the first expansion for Elder Scrolls: Legends directly against Hearthstone's next expansion, Journey to Un'Goro, which is scheduled for sometime in early April. You can read my ongoing card reviews leading up to that release.

Elder Scrolls: Legends came out of beta on PC earlier this month, and it will come to Android tablets next month, followed by Mac OS in May and iOS and Android phones in the summer.

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    March 23, 2017 8:15 AM

    Steve Watts posted a new article, PSA: Elder Scrolls: Legends is Now on iPad, and It's Pretty Good

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      March 23, 2017 8:26 AM

      It's not really my type of game. I don't typically game on the go, and I'm usually playing meatier games when I'm sitting at my PC or TV.

      That said, when I played it I found it more interesting and substantial than Hearthstone. Aside from the lanes, the separation of decks into different color combos, and the colors themselves having certain flavors and themes, helped focus and add interesting choices to deck building.

      If you like Hearthstone, you should try ESL. If you want to like Hearthstone, but find it a little on the simple side, you should definitely try ESL.

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