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Cliff Bleszinski Wants the Gears of War Franchise to Take More Chances

Of course, that's easy to say when you aren't affiliated with the series any more.


Gears of War 4 got some really good reviews, and developer The Coalition has been listening to fans and providing some solid support for the game post launch. However, former GoW developer and mouthpiece Cliff Bleszinski thinks that isn't enough.

"What [The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson] did was give the people what that want," Cliff Bleszinski told GameSpot. "He did the J.J. Abrams Episode VII. I've watched Episode VII five times. I still get misty-eyed and get all excited but when I think objectively about it, I'm like, 'There wasn't a lot of risk there.' So I'm hoping they take a little bit more risk in the future."

Of course, Bleszinski isn't involved in the franchise anymore, so it's easy for him to be stone-throwingly "objective" about another dev house's take on a franchise he helped make AAA. Granted, he is taking his own risk with his own new studio Boss Key Productions and a new IP called LawBreakers, so he does know a bit about the subject. And he has never been one to pull any punches when it comes to speaking his mind. So maybe the comment is to be expected.

Either way, Gears of War 4 continues to push out content, while LawBreakers just ended its first closed beta. It will be interesting to see the risks Boss Key takes when its game is finally released. 


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