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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Get More Resources

We show you the most efficient way to gather resources in Ghost Recon Wildlands.


In Ghost Recon Wildlands, Resources play a key role in player progression. That being said, it’ll be in your best interest to snatch up any resource item that you find. This guide will have you fully equipped with the information you need in order to stay stocked on resources.

Know Your Resources

Ghost Recon Wildlands has a more complex method of player progression, and having the appropriate resources is essential to unlocking new skills and weapons. Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for. The four types of resources currently available in Wildlands are:

  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Comm Tools
  • Gasoline

Each of the four resources are found in different containers throughout the world. The different types of containers will indicate what resource is inside of them.

Medicine is often found in medical style crates, often stacked on top of one another. Food is typically found inside of crates.. Comm Tools are found in plastic crates with computer monitors attached to them.. Gasoline can be discovered inside of oil drums

To collect a resource from its crate, approach the container and hold E (PC), X (XB1), or Square (PS4).

Easily Finding Resources

Once you’ve got an understanding on the basic resources and their functions, you need to know where to find them. All of these items can be found casually placed in small amounts throughout the world. The most efficient way to find large numbers of resources is to find and collect intel, collectible items, hidden throughout the game.

Once you’ve acquired intel you will be given the decision as to which type of intel you wish to mark on your map. These will give you the option of Supply Raids, Rebel Ops, or Skill Points. Select Resource Raids to be granted access to missions that will earn you great amounts of resources pinpointed on your TACMAP. Now, make your way to the location, clear it of enemies, and finish any other objectives tied to the mission. You will be rewarded with the resources corresponding to the mission. 

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