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Drawn to Death Will Be Free For PS Plus Members When It Releases Next Month

The multiplayer free-for-all takes place in the notebook pages of a teenager with an overactive and violent imagination.


It's been more than two years since we got our first look at Drawn to Death, the multiplayer action game centered around the drawings of a teenager. Since then, we haven't heard much from developer David Jaffe and his wildly named  studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. The good news is the game is still in development. The better news is that it will be releasing on April 4, free to PlayStation Plus members in the April games lineup.

"I wanted to find a way to invite all of you PS Plus members into this experience and give you a look at what really excites me about games these days," Jaffe said in a post on the PlayStation Blog. "We’ve been working on Drawn To Death for nearly three years, and over time, it really has become this robust, highly competitive game — and we haven’t even talked about a lot of the new features yet. Needless to say, I thought you could all help us build an unbelievable community for the game. I just couldn't say anything. Until now."

The game has been in a limited access beta phase, so a lucky few have been able to try it. The pay-to-play game will have all six characters available at launch, although not all of them will be unlocked at the start. The characters will have all moves and abilities once unlocked. Drawn to Death will also launch with seven maps, 26 different weapons and six game modes: 

  • Organ Donor: In this objective based mode, Players must shoot the heart out of an enemy’s chest. Then take the heart to a stationary base for 1 point. Take the heart to a moving base for 2X points! First Player to 20 points wins!
  • Classic Deathmatch: First to 10 kills wins.
  • Classic Team Deathmatch: First team with 20 kills wins.
  • Core Deathmatch: First Player to 5 points wins. 1 kill = 1 point, but every time you die you lose a point. (Defense matters!)
  • Core Team Deathmatch: Same as Core Deathmatch, but for teams. First team to 10 points wins.
  • Brawl: In this mode, levels get smaller on the fly to create a more intense one-on-one battle/fighting game experience.

Jaffe also revealed battle-related Sphinx riddles, 15 missions for each character, mystery boxes and a oddly teased mystery offer, with the hint being “Destroy my enemies and my life… is yours!”

PlayStation 4 players who are not PS Plus members will still be able to get the game for $19.99.

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