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GitHub Adds Extension for Unity Editor; Alpha Test Coming

The development platform previously didn't have a way to interface directly with the program.


GitHub is an open-source tool for programmers to share code. Extensions that fit into a code editor are always helpful to make import and export to the platform easier. While the platform is great for general purpose programming, it hasn't always been ideal for games. Unreal Engine 4 has an extension, as do a few other game engines. Now, Unity does as well.

GitHub for Unity is now in development as an extension that plugs directly into the Unity Editor. An alpha will be coming soon, and Unity users can sign up for a preview of the extension to test it out. The plugin will let users "easily configure, collaborate, and manage your Git project in a dedicated window. The extension also includes Git LFS v2.0 support to store large binary assets and introduces file locking to help communicate with your team that you are working on difficult-to-merge files."

A blog post on the GitHub site said the extension was a first step to unifying the workflows of GitHub and Unity, which means other integrations and modifications may be forthcoming. The project is open source and will be available on the Unity store soon after the extension is released.

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