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The Persistence Will Let Friends Mess With your PlayStation VR Experience

A mobile app to be released in conjunction with the game will let others help you, or hurt you. 


Horror games put you at the mercy of the developers. But a new PlayStation VR title called The Persistence not only has you battling what the developers envisioned for you, but also your well-meaning or more mischevious friends.

The game itself is a solo affair putting you aboard the science research ship The Persistence studying a black hole. A catastrophe has killed the crew and you are awakened from cryosleep to solve the problem. Your computer tries to help by reconstructing the crew for you, but a glitch has made them hardly recognizable, and more harmful than helpful. Along the way, you collect stem cells to enhance you character and abilities.

But here's where the party app comes in. Others watching you play can log into the ship's computer to see your location on the map and steer you toward helpful items or harmful enemies. This is where you find out who your friends really are.

The ship is procedurally generated. Each time you, die, you reawaken as a different character with a new ship layout, so no two games will be the same.

There is no official release date yet. The game is being developed by Firesprite.

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