Final Fantasy 15's 'Episode Gladiolus' Trailer Adds More to the Story

The FF15 DLC is scheduled to be released on March 28.


Gladio is getting his own story DLC for Final Fantasy 15 on March 28, and not only does the hero get some extra screen time, but so does an old nemesis. Gilgamesh shows himself in a new trailer released by Square Enix at PAX East.

(Spoilers follow)

A special edition book revealed that the bad guy would be back, but only in the Project Gladiolus DLC. "The player confronts an enemy called Gilgamesh, who can only be seen in Episode Gladio," DLC Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari said in the book, adding "you're able to go into areas that cannot be entered in the main game."

As for where the DLC is set, it looks to be after the group takes on Ravus. Gladio leaves his friends to train with Cor and buff up a bit.

Last month, Final Fantasy XV got a rather beefy update. Chapter 13 for the game is also expected to be released with the Gladio episode. DLC for Prompto's story is expected some time in June.

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