Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Export Settlements to Other Players

Now everyone can see and explore your hard work for themselves.


If you like building settlements in Fallout 4, a new mod will let you share those settlements with other online so they can see just how meticulous you really are.

The Transfer Settlements mod, which is still in beta, lets you turn your little town into blueprints that can be exported and then downloaded. Here are the basics:

  • Install the mod and then load the new holotape added to you inventory (or you can craft one if you like)
  • Create a blueprint of your settlement. You choose how elaborate the blueprint is, including exporting farm animals, tamed creatures, and other DLC. 
  • Close your Pip-boy and the mod starts scanning your settlement and highlighting things being exported or ignored.
  • Once scanning is done, exporting commences. When everything turns green, you have a completed blueprint file.
  • The JSON file can then be uploaded to any mod hub to be grabbed by others.

You can check out the full instructions the mod's official page. There are also instructions on how to import other JSON files to your game to see other's mods.

There are some known issues, like the mod not transferring power lines, but that is in the works. Creator cdante is still issuing bug fixes, and hopes to add other features down the road. 

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