Modojo Rewind: BoxBoy Drops Switches And Makes Zelda Difficult

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Another week, another Rewind!  As always, we've been working hard to cover as much handheld and mobile news as possible. This week was pretty heavy on Nintendo news, which is no surprise considering how much steam the company has had lately. It's not all Switch news though, so if you're still hanging onto that 3DS then rest assured that we've got coverage for you too. No point putting it off any longer, so let's hop right in.

Blaster Master Zero

Three Dimensions of Fun

The 3DS is still going strong for now, as Nintendo has promised it would. Fans of the black and white box-based puzzler BoxBoy will be excited to learn that the final game in the trilogy, Bye-Bye BoxBoy, comes out this month. FuRyu, creators of The Legend of Legacy, have a new throwback JRPG called The Alliance Alive that got delayed in Japan, but also detailed some of its systems. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 got some DLC as well, adding new missions and songs.

Monster Hunter XX will be having a big crossover event with Fire Emblem and Ghosts n' Goblins, though that's not much help unless you're planning to nab a Japanese copy. Blaster Master Zero released today for both 3DS and Switch, with the latter receiving Pro Controller support next week. Finally, Shakedown Hawaii — the successor to Retro City Rampage — is coming to 3DS and Switch later this year.


Switch On The News

To kick things off, Kevin Tucker wrote a fun piece all about asking questions concerning the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is releasing April 28, and got a new trailer showing off all its goodies, including its reworked battle mode maps. Fans have somehow managed to translate the fictional language of Breath of the Wild, proving yet again that the denizens of the internet are not to be trusted with mysteries. The director of BotW also spoke on the game's difficulty, as well as why they cut touchscreen features from the game.

The strategy board game Othello is heading to the eShop, courtesy of Arc System Works. There are rumors that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night may be heading to the Switch as well, just in case you weren't excited enough about that Castlevania spiritual successor. We also wrote about how you can play games from other countries on your Switch thanks to its region-free nature, and covered some common problems and solutions.

As usually happens when a new device releases, people on the internet decided to both tear down the Switch to see its innards and dropped it from varying heights to test its durability. Apparently you can use your USB keyboard with it as well, which is interesting. In one last bit of news that affects both systems, the much anticipated Dragon Quest XI got some new details and screenshots this week, so be sure to check those out.

That's your highlight reel for the week, folks. I'm sure a lot of you are still neck deep in Breath of the Wild, but with so many great games coming out lately, it's starting to prove difficult to keep up with them all. I hear Nier's pretty good.

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