Fortnite Is Still Coming, With An Open Beta Planned By 2018

The development cycle is expected to be similar to that of Paragon, Epic's Tim Sweeney said.


It's been more than a year and a half since we heard anything about Fortnite, the open-world base building and defense game coming from Epic Games. But co-founder Tim Sweeney assures fans that the title is still in the works.

In fact, without divulging timing, Sweeney said an open beta is planned within the next 12 months (via Polygon). Development is expected to be an iterative process similar to what it is going through with its current MOBA Paragon. The game will be in open beta for awhile as the dev team uses feedback to make changes and modifications going forward. Paragon is still in open beta and free to play as Epic continues to massage the game the way it wants.

When we got to see Fortnite in June 2015, the game already had destructible environments, seamless day-night cycles and smooth landscapes. At the time, the game was just PvE with players fending off hordes of enemies as they build a defensible base, but a PvP mode was planned.

Besides Paragon and Fortnite, Epic just announced the tactical RPG Battle Breakers this week for PC and mobile. Creative Director Donald Mustard said at the time that Epic is also working on three other games.

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