SteamWorld Dig 2, Blaster Master Zero Headline Nintendo Switch Indies Line-Up

A brief Nintendo Direct presentation showed off a flurry of indie games headed to Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo highlighted its indie development ("Nindies") for Switch today, in a whirlwind presentation bursting with game reveals and timed exclusivity announcements. Among those were a sequel to SteamWorld Dig, one for Blaster Master, and a spiritual successor from the makers of Retro City Rampage.

SteamWorld Dig 2 marks a sequel to the exploration-based indie hit, and will be coming this summer. Blaster Master Zero from IntiCreates, the developer responsible for retro throwbacks like Azure Striker, is due out on March 9 as a Switch and 3DS exclusive. Retro City Rampage dev Vblank debuted a trailer for the 16-bit throwback Shakedown Hawaii, which will be coming to Switch in April as a timed exclusive. Flipping Death, a puzzle platformer, is coming from the makers of Stick It To The Man. Runner 3 will be coming as an exclusive this fall.

Chucklefish Games represented a large chunk of the games, including a port of Stardew Valley. Switch will be the first platform to support multiplayer. Another game War Groove, looks very similar to Advance Wars, albeit set in a medieval fantasy world. It will be coming later this year. Finally, Pocket Rumble is a simplified fighting game and Switch exclusive meant to show off the easy pick-up-and-play aspect of the device.

Other timed exclusives include Gonner, Graceful Explosion Machine, and Mr. Shifty. Plus, the presentation showed off Switch versions of Yooka Laylee and Overcooked. You can check out the full presentation below for footage of all the games and a handful more.

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