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Farpoint and PlayStation VR Aim Controller to Launch in May

The Starship Troopers-esque FPS from Impulse Gear will use the gun peripheral instead of the regular VR controllers.


The gun-like peripheral for PlayStation VR called the Aim Controller finally has a release date. It's coming May 16 alongside the first game to utilize its capabilities, Farpoint from developer Impulse Gear. 

The game has a distinct Starship Troopers vibe to it, which in itself is a good thing. We got a first look at Farpoint at E3 last year. It could be a rather interesting take on an FPS, from the view of the display screen, at least. From the outside, watching VR user tote around a plastic gun looked a little on the goofy side, but within VR it could be a great horror shooter.

GameStop has the game selling for $49.99, and a bundle with the new controller marked at $79.99. So expect the Aim Controller to sell for about $35-$40 if sold separately.

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