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Full Metal Furies is a New Co-Op Brawler From Rogue Legacy Devs

Unfortunately, its not the Rogue Legacy sequel that many had hoped for.


Cellar Door Games has been working diligently on a new game after the popularity of Rogue Legacy. Many had hoped it would be a sequel. Instead, the developer has announced a new team-based co-op brawler called Full Metal Furies.

The 2D game is designed for up to four players, or you can play solo with two teammates through the game's Pick 2 system. It will have some RPG elements where you can collect gold and level your party, but at its heart it is still a fighter pitting you against Titans. While the game will have a story, it is not something that players will be tied to. It will be playable online or offline.

"The game is definitely… Hard.  It’s about as difficult as Rogue Legacy, but more forgiving because your gold isn’t taken away when you die," according to the FAQ for the game. And don't expect a grind, unless you really want it. "Like Rogue Legacy, there’s a very high skill ceiling for this game, and the RPG mechanics of the game allow people of varying skill levels beat the game.  If you’re really good, you could beat it at level 1."

The game is being designed for Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox One, with cross-play support. Full Metal Furies is expected to be released some time later this year.

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