Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough, Guides, and Collectibles

Our guide and walkthroughs will help you survive the robot post-apocalypse in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive open world game that lasts dozens of hours, with tons to find and do. To hold your own against swarms of autonomous robots, you'll need to use your wits and tools. This article will be a hub for our Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough and guide content, where you can find all you need to make the most of your time exploring the wasteland.

Horizon is a big undertaking, so these guides and walkthroughs will be updated regularly. If you don't see the guide you're looking for now, check back soon for more. Also, be sure to check out our Horizon Zero Dawn review to see what we thought of Guerrilla's latest.

Horizon Zero Dawn tips

Horizon Zero Dawn Hints and Tips

  • Don't rush into battle. Horizon Zero Dawn's open world combat rewards care and strategy. When you encounter a group of enemies, take a moment to hide in some tall grass or behind a structure and scan the area. You can mark enemy locations and robot pathways and see where enemies interact with each other. Make a plan, lay some traps, and then execute it.
  • Pay attention to weak points. Each robot has components that can be knocked off with sufficient force, and an elemental weakness that will put it into a prone state where it's vulnerable to extra damage. Learn their weak points, and use your Focus vision to highlight them for easier aiming.
  • Pick up everything. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is littered with crafting material and healing herbs. Make a point to pick up everything you see, to build a nice stockpile of materials. You can always sell some later if you have a surplus. The one exception is wood, used to craft arrows. It goes fast since arrows are such a common tool, but you can't sell it, so you may have to just drop any surplus on the ground from the inventory menu.
  • Dress for success. Vendors sell a variety of outfits that specialize in different ways. One might enhance stealth, while another protects against melee damage. Try to obtain a wide variety of outfits so you can wear the one best suited to deal with any combat scenario. But be careful with mods. Until you buy the Tinker ability, they're locked to the equipment you put them on and can't be removed.
  • Upgrade your storage. Most of your ammunition types, along with your resource and outfit bags, can be upgraded with materials from hunting robots and animals. Harvest as much as you can, and upgrade frequently. If you want to target a specific upgrade, set a job through the inventory menu to have a reminder of the material you need appear on screen at all times.
  • Watch your Fast Travel kits. Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn is limited by fast travel kits, which are given as rewards for many quests or purchasable at vendors. You can actually run out of them entirely, at which point you'll either need to craft or buy one. Eventually you can earn materials for a "Golden" fast travel kit that gives you unlimited access, but until then, keep an eye on how many you have.

Horizon Zero Dawn Guides

Horizon Zero Dawn guides

In this section, you'll find guides on collectibles and secrets in Horizon Zero Dawn. Our guide content will feature a wide array of information about Horizon.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Crafting and Materials
We walk you through how to obtain and use crafting materials for a variety of purposes.

Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Exploit Machine Weaknesses
Learn the ins and outs of elemental weaknesses, and how to exploit an enemy weakness to your advantage.

Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Override Machines
We outline how to override machines, how to unlock overrides, and which ones serve as mounts.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Best Skills to Unlock First
With such an expansive skill tree, which ones are the most important? We can help.

Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Level Up Quickly
Learn the best ways to gain levels, along with their stat boosts and skill points, quickly.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Expand Inventory Slots
Carry more ammo, more outfits, more resources–more of everything!

Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Complete Ancient Armory Quest for Shield-Weaver Armor
We show you how to obtain the best armor in the game.

Our Horizon Zero Dawn guide coverage doesn't end here. There's even more to learn about Guerrilla Games' post-apocalyptic, open-world RPG. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Horizon Zero Dawn page for the latest news and information!

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