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A Nintendo Switch Unboxing Video is Already Up

Hype is at an all-time high with this Nintendo Switch unboxing video. 


One lucky NeoGAF user was the first in the world to receive a Nintendo Switch ahead of its March 3 release date, which has lead to the first Nintendo Switch unboxing.  The video has gone up via FloKO, a full-fledged demonstration of what we'll be able to expect from the console in terms of its packaging and the contents we previously were already aware of. It's put together in decidedly svelte packaging and a gorgeous colorful kit that looks good on the outside and the inside.

The Nintendo Switch unboxing comes by way of the lucky consumer and NeoGAF poster hiphoptherobot, who had previously posted several images and footage of the Switch including its menus, date and time settings, and other various console setup procedures.

User hiphoptherobot has been vague about their experience receiving the Nintendo Switch, simply stating that they "got lucky" by receiving the console ahead of launch by a specific retailer. In any case, however they procured their product, it has resulted in a flood of new information for readers about Nintendo's upcoming console. 

There's a glut of information that continues to pour out. and this Nintendo Switch unboxing video is just the tip of the iceberg. We're just as excited as ever to check it out upon its impending launch. The countdown keeps ticking down, and we're down to less than two weeks away from release until the Switch's March 3 release. Have you preordered a console yet?

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