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Team Fortress 2 Bug Squashed After Hiding In Plain Sight For 10 Years

The devs fix a character model hitbox issue after it was reported a few weeks ago by a mod developer.


A hitbox bug in Team Fortress 2 that apparently has been around since the game was released almost 10 years ago has quickly been fixed by Valve after a modder discovered it a couple of weeks ago.

TF2 Classic modder Nicknine apparently found the bug and posted a video about it. In turn, reddit user sigsegv__ reported it to Valve, and then posted about it after Valve mentioned the fix in the patch notes for an update that just went live (via Engadget). The gist of the bug, courtesy of sigsegv__:

If you joined a server and your first class chosen was scout/heavy/sniper, then any time later on that server when you were soldier/pyro/demo/engie/medic/spy, your server-side animations would be screwed up.

Conversely, if you joined a server and your first class chosen was soldier/pyro/demo/engie/medic/spy, then any time later on that server when you were scout/heavy/sniper, your server-side animations would be screwed up.

Switching classes and switching back wouldn't fix it; dying wouldn't fix it; going to spectator wouldn't fix it; etc.

Players usually go over their favorite games with a fine tooth comb, pointing out bugs to developers, who in term fix them in subsequent patches. Games that are moddable are under even more code scrutiny. So a bug that has been in the game supposed since launch in October 2007 is rather surprising. Check out the video description iof the bug:

If you still play Team Fortress 2, here are the full patch notes as well:

  • Improved Steam Voice support for servers that have enabled it
    • Removed sv_use_steam_voice convar. Steam voice is now selected via "sv_voicecodec steam"
    • Fixed demos not properly recording Steam Voice status, resulting in potential corrupt voice in demos with differing default settings
    • Will now use the native Steam Voice sampling rate, instead of clamping to 11kHz
    • Improved compatibility with Steam client beta
  • Fixed OS X voice communication sounding high-pitched when using the default CELT voice codec
  • Fixed an animation bug that would cause the client and server hitboxes to become out of sync
  • Fixed the Scout not playing the correct animation when using the Shortstop's Alt-Fire to shove someone
  • Fixed some missing VO sounds for the Scout when he picks up a baseball
  • Fixed Spectators seeing the fake death notices for the Spy when he feigns death
  • Fixed the Widowmaker not doing increased damage when the Sentry's target is a building, boss, or tank
  • Fixed not earning Crikey meter progress with The Cleaner's Carbine when damaging a building, boss, or tank
  • Fixed the Scout not getting assists for shoving players while using the Shortstop
  • Fixed not being able to use non-tradable Giftapults
  • Fixed powerups sometimes being removed from the game in Mannpower mode
  • Fixed a case where the scoreboard would not update properly when players volunteer to switch teams in Casual mode
  • Fixed a case where Casual servers would spontaneously terminate with "Server shutting down" upon losing connection with the matchmaking service
  • Updated the logic used to pick the maps players can vote on in the end-of-match map vote on Casual servers to help maintain healthier game mode representation across regions
    • Casual servers were often rotating to unrelated game modes during votes, resulting in partially filled servers in certain regions
  • Updated the player_bodygroups that are hidden when equipping The Dark Falkirk Helm and The Sole Saviors
  • Updated the model/materials for The Snowmann to fix some LOD issues
  • Updated the localization files
  • Added Gift Wrap back to the Mann Co. Store at a reduced price
  • Added TF2Maps 72hr TF2Jam Winter Participant 2017 community medal
  • Added Rally Call Charity Tournament community medals
  • Added ozfortress Season 18 tournament medals
  • Added new survey questions to the end-of-match survey for Casual and Competitive modes and fixed a bug where multiple surveys could be displayed at the same time
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