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Mutant Football League Holding a 'Name That Cleveland Team' Contest

Better yet, the team is owned by our own Man With the Briefcase.


Mutant Football League has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal with still more than 20 days left. But that's not the real reason for this update. The truth is that the dev team is holding a "Name That Team" Contest for a team from Cleveland, purchased by our own Man with the Briefcase, Asif Khan.

Now, Asif wants this to be a parody name. We all know his love for Cleveland sports, so we want to enlist Shack fans to come up with some names that fit well with the undead, gory football theme of MFL. Asif suggested the Steamland Cleavers as a starting point, but there are plenty of options. Entries must be posted to the game's official Facebook page, with a winner being chosen by Asif on February 21. The winner will receive the "Design and Name Your Own Play" reward, and also be able to name a player in the game. The lucky stiff will also be listed as an "additional writer" for the game. If two entries are the same, the first poster wins.

One caveat: Asif reserves the right to change the winning name down the road. You would still be the winner and get the goodies, but you know how he is with Cleveland teams. He'd micromanage them too, if he could.

Mutant Football League was seeking $60,000 for the game, and has already received more than $84,000. And yes, some of that is Asif's money, so consider that your disclaimer. 

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