How to Get Resident Evil 7 Daughters True Ending

We take you through the steps to get the Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 Daughters True Ending.


Daughters is one of the new video tapes added with the release of Resident Evil 7's Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC. In it, you get to meet the Baker Family before they went mad. You'll play from the perspective of Zoe Baker and find out what happened the night the Baker Family became what you saw in the main story of Resident Evil 7. This Daughters walkthrough contains spoilers and will show you how to get the Daughters True Ending as well as how to unlock the One Instinct: Survival trophy.

Getting the True Ending in Resident Evil 7: Daughters

When the Daughters tape begins, you'll see a scene where Jack brings Eveline in, shortly afterward you'll gain control of Zoe Baker and be asked to get Eveline a set of dry clothes.

Go through the kitchen and head through the white door to the pantry.

In the pantry, look into the hatch that leads to the crawlspace under the house and get the Lock Pick.

After getting the Lock Pick, head to the laundry room and pick up the Change of Clothes.

Head for the Main Hall and take the stairs to the second floor. Proceed to the bathroom and pick the lock on the drawer near the mirror to get the Small Component.

Go to the Kid's Room on the second floor and use the Small Component on the trophy sitting on the armoire. You can then press the button, and a ladder will descend from the ceiling.

Head up to the attic and read the note on the desk. You can unlock the laptop with the code 1019.

Read the Fuck-You List on the laptop and note the mention of a red box on the veranda.

Go back down into the Kid's Room and give Eveline the Change of Clothes.

After the power goes off, head back downstairs to the dining room and check Lucas. You'll then hear some speaking coming from upstairs.

Head upstairs and back into the bathroom. You'll see Marguerite there, and Jack will come in and ask you to get some rope.

Head down to the garage on the first floor and press the red button to lift the shutter.

Grab the Rope hanging just in front of the entryway to the garage.

Return to the bathroom, and after events play out there head to the Recreation Room. Once there, close the door and use the Rope on the hook to the left of the door.

Head into Grandma's Room and pick up the Fork on the desk.

Go back to the Recreation Room and walk to the boarded up window. Use the Fork on the nails to pull them out and remove the board from the window.

Proceed out the window and walk to your right on the veranda. Where the path dead ends there is a narrow opening you can squeeze through.

Squeeze through the narrow opening and open the red box to obtain the Dog Head Relief.

Head back the way you came through the narrow opening and pry open the metal near the green blinds.

Head back to the stairs leading down to the first floor, but be careful. Marguerite is patrolling the area with a lantern. She'll eventually head back to the hall that is connected to the kitchen, and when she does, you can sneak to the Dog Head Seal Door.

Use the Dog Head Relief on the door, remembering to close it behind you, and head into the yard.

Proceed towards the trailer and enter it. You'll see Mia laying on the floor.

Examine the D-Series in Mia's hands, then read the note on the table.

Congratulations! You've finished the Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 Daughters DLC and gotten the True Ending as well as the One Instinct: Survival trophy. For more great info, visit the Resident Evil 7 guide hub.

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