For Honor - How to Fix NAT Type Strict Problems

Here's how to fix issues with strict or unknown NAT Types in For Honor.


Those playing For Honor have been running into an issue that affects many other P2P multiplayer games. When trying to connect to a For Honor multiplayer game, you want your NAT type to be open or at the very least moderate. Below we'll tell you how to improve issues with your NAT type being Strict or Unknown which can also help fix Uplay disconnection error codes 1694332663, 1088431700, 3397432595 and 2904484995, or network error 0000000008. NAT issues can also cause problems with matchmaking and making sure your NAT type is open can help when you get For Honor matchmaking failed.

What is a NAT Type?

Network Address Translation or NAT is a way of remapping IP address spaces. In addition to easing traffic routing, it also obscures IP addresses using IP masquerading which allows for an increased level of protection against malicious users when playing online.

The exact way NAT works is too complex to get into here. All you have to worry about is the three NAT types that matter in For Honor.

Those types are:

  • NAT Type Open: You can connect to any player regardless of their NAT Type.
  • NAT Type Moderate: If your NAT Type is moderate you can only connect to other NAT Moderate or Open players.
  • NAT Type Strict: If your settings are NAT Type Strict then you can only connect to NAT Open players.

As you can see, you want to be set to NAT Type Open. Otherwise, you may face disconnection errors when playing For Honor or other games.

How to Fix NAT Type Issues

If you're facing disconnect issues while playing For Honor and you find your NAT Type is set to Strict, there are two solutions you can try to get your NAT Type to Moderate or Open.

Check Your Firewall Settings

Usually, when you install both Uplay and For Honor, a pop-up will appear on the first run of those programs asking you to allow them access through your Windows Firewall. If there's a chance you didn't allow Uplay and For Honor access through your firewall, or if you're using a third-party firewall, you need to make sure that both Uplay and For Honor are whitelisted.

If you found that Uplay and For Honor weren't whitelisted in your firewall, allow them access and check your NAT Type again in For Honor. If you've tried this step and are still on NAT Type Strict or Moderate, move on to the next possible solution.

Check Anti-Virus Settings

A lot of antivirus software come with some active network connection monitoring. These aren't exactly firewalls, but they do have the ability to block connections. If you see that your NAT Type is Open in For Honor and you're still getting disconnect issues, a culprit could be your antivirus internet security. As above, make sure For Honor and Uplay are both whitelisted in any antivirus or internet security program and see if that alleviates your disconnection issues.

If you're still having issues with dropping connections after the above two solutions, or if you're still stuck at NAT Type Strict or Moderate, try the next possible fix.

Open Ports On Your Router

There is a possibility that your router is blocking traffic in and out from the ports needed by Uplay and For Honor to utilize NAT Type Open. Log into your router and consult with your router's user guide to see where in the menu you need to go to forward ports.

The following ports need to be open for Uplay and For Honor to use NAT Type Open:


  • 80
  • 443
  • 13000
  • 13005
  • 13200
  • 14000
  • 14001
  • 14008
  • 14020
  • 14021
  • 14022
  • 14023
  • 14024

UDP Inbound:

  • 3075

Once you've got the ports entered, you want to forward them to the local address of the device on which you're trying to play For Honor. You may have to set up a static IP address on your local network for the device you're playing For Honor on and the instructions on that vary. Luckily, there is a website for which its sole purpose is to instruct how to perform Port Forwarding on tons of different devices you can reference.

If the above didn't work, try making sure universal plug and play (uPnP) is turned on in your router settings. You can also try to add your computer's local IP to the Router DMZ, which will disable any security measures that could be keeping the NAT Type from switching to open.

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If all the above doesn't work, it may be your ISP that is blocking the ports you need to connect to Uplay in NAT Type Open. Give them a call and ask if they block any of the above ports by default.

If you're having issues with connecting to Uplay or downloading from Uplay, see how to fix Uplay connection issues. Otherwise, check out our For Honor guide hub for more helpful tips and walkthroughs.

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