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For Honor - How to Execute and Unlock New Executions

Learn how to execute your enemies and unlock new executions in For Honor.


In For Honor, you can perform executions on fallen foes. Executions aren't just awesome attacks that end in your enemies being gored or decapitated, learning how to execute in For Honor can lead to health and renown bonuses for your hero. Executing an enemy in For Honor isn't hard, but the whole execution system is more complex than it looks at first glance. Look below to see how to execute and unlock new executions in For Honor.

How to Perform an Execution

To execute a foe in For Honor, your enemy's health must be almost completely drained. Once they're about to die, you must land a Heavy Attack as the final blow and you'll be prompted to press one of two buttons to pick an execution. Select the execution of your choice and humiliate your foe by committing brutal violence against them. Watch out, though, if you're attacked during an execution, or if an ally attacks the enemy you're executing, the execution animation will be interrupted, and you won't get any of the bonuses associated with performing it.

How to Setup Executions

As I covered above, executions aren't only cool; they're advantageous to killing your enemy with regular attacks. For killing your opponent with an execution, you can get bonus Renown and points. Additionally, since you've lopped off their head or evicerated them, your enemy can't be revived by their teammates once they've been executed. If you execute an enemy hero they have to start all the way back at their team's spawn point, and they'll have three seconds added to their respawn time.

Dominion is the mode where executions are the safest to perform. Usually, enemies will be distracted by your team's soldiers, and you can quickly pull off an execution without interference. However, even though there are major advantages to performing executions if you're in a 2v2, or 4v4 situation you may just want to kill a foe the ordinary way. Performing an execution immobilizes your hero for a short period, and that leaves you open for attack.

How to Unlock Executions

Each For Honor hero starts the game with two execution slots and two basic executions. You can unlock further executions by purchasing them with Renown which you gain by performing executions, winning matches, and other actions. To unlock new executions go to the Customize menu located to the right of the play menu. Select the hero you want to purchase a new execution for, then move to the Abilities section of the Customize menu. Once there you'll see an option to look at Executions. In that menu, you can buy and assign new executions.

In the Executions menu, you'll also notice that there are more slots that you can assign executions beside the first two. You can unlock more execution slots, but it'll cost you a whopping 5,000 Renown to do so.

Now that you know all about executions, learn how to play as a Peacekeeper. Visit our For Honor guide hub for more useful strategies and tips on the game.

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