Rainbow Six: Siege Starter Edition is Back for $15 - Permanently

The popular pack is designed to get new players into the game, and with the start of Year 2, there is no more 'limited time offer.'


With Rainbow Six: Siege Year 2 content starting in the form of Operation Velvet Shell, the company again is trying to bring in more players with the return of its popular Rainbow Six: Siege Starter Edition. The difference this time is that the $15 pack is finally here to stay.

The Starter Edition gives players two randomly chosen operators from a pool of six–Rook, Sledge, Ash, Fuze, Mute, and Smoke–and 600 R6 credits that can be used to buy two more operators or otehr in-game content. The difference between the starter edition and the Standard edition is that unlocking new operators and content will come a lot slower and more Renown (in-game currency) is needed. All operators released after launch, however, will cost the same. 

The pack also allows PvP, PvE Terrorist Hunt, and single-player Situations content, as well as Bomb, Secure Area and Hostage modes. All operators, the 11 original maps and free post-launch maps, and weapons and attachments are available, including full progression without any level cap and matchmaking on the same servers.

The Starter Edition is available on Uplay now, but unlike past appearances in June and September of last year, this is not available for a limited time. Ubisoft says that numbers for the game continue to grow and the launch of Year 2 content and the just concluded Six Invitational Tournmanet continues to cement the game's popularity.

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