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Overwatch's Next Hero Could Be Doomfist

Blizzard may finally be bringing the character to life, years after he was mentioned in the debut trailer.


Plenty of speculation swirled around Overwatch prior to the additions of Sombra and Ana to the game. Now, the guessing game has begun anew as evidence is pieced together of a new character coming soon, Doomfist.

The latest Public Test Realm update for Overwatch has some significant character changes. but one seemingly insignificant change to the payload on the back-end of the Numbani map, found by reddit user Venxa, shows the container has been broken. Inside had been the gauntlet of Doomfist, who has yet to be seen, but has been referenced several times throughout the game. Right now, this is not in-game either on live or the PTR, but is still within the source files.

In addition, reddit user DeadGirlDreaming found a new music track added to the PTR that sounds significantly evil and Doomfist-ish.

Blizzard has had Doomfist references in-game since before the game was out. The reveal cinematic for the game had Widowmaker and Reaper trying to steal a gauntlet that had belonged to Doomfist. The Numbani map also shows three posters of Doomfist.

Actor Terry Crews visited the Blizzard studios in December and announced via reddit that he "would love to play Doomfist." He even playfully auditioned for the voice role earlier this month, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson offering his endorsement.

So evidence is building that Doomfist is coming. The timing, however, is uncertain, as are the character's potential abilities. But if the reveal cinematic is any indication, the character will pack quite a punch.

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