Nioh First Hour of Gameplay Video

Check out the first hour of Team Ninja's latest title for PlayStation 4, Nioh.


Team Ninja's latest title, Nioh is an incredible homage to the Dark Souls series and refines that formula into something that is a lot more accessible. In this video, we take you through the first hour of Nioh and show you the Tower of London and the first part of William's journey through Japan.

In this video, you'll get to see me die, a lot. Nioh isn't a game where you can charge through in a bloody rampage and think you'll survive. Instead, Nioh combines the finesse of the Dark Souls' combat system with the speed of Ninja Gaiden to make a fair, violent game where only the best can survive. Unfortunately, sometimes the best just happens to be that random soldier that you get a little too careless fighting.

See David Craddock's review-in-progress to look at a more in-depth article on what makes Nioh tick. If you've already picked up the game, you can check out our Nioh guide hub for helpful information on how to beat the game.

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