Gears of War 4 Readies Week-long Events to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Gear packs and two new maps are only a few of the goodies planned those special murderous someones who play.


Gears of War 4 loves Valentine's Day. It's obvious given all the red that is on display in the game and the numerous ways players can get to the heart of their opponents. Developer The Coalition is planning a week-long celebration of the holiday with new maps, gear packs and other goodies that will make you feel (and look) all mushy and gushy.

Starting February 10, players will be able to earn new gear packs to earn, collect on daily Valentine-themed bounties, and gain another craftable character. Even the Torque Bow Tag (with a Cupid-style twist) will be making a return so you can impale that someone special.

Also, being released today through the Developer Playlist for Season Pass holders are new takes on popular maps:

  • Impact Dark: This takes the original Impact map and creates a nighttime setting for more romantic killing. Look for loved ones through a smokey battlefield, but not everything is as it seems, as weapons have been swapped around. Snipers are now replaced with Boltoks, Dropshot replaces Torque/EMBAR and the Overkill now sits where Incendiaries used to. All designed to add new spice to your relationship.
  • War Machine: This map is also reimagined, shifting from a train station to a COG settlement. The setting has changed, but everything else about the map is the same, for those who appreciate continuity in their symbiotic killing with loved ones.

In conjunction with the map release is a minor change to spawn locations in Guardian mode. Players who die will now spawn near their leader, forcing leaders to be selective in positioning themselves at map locations most adventageous for the team, Both maps will feature TDM, Guardian and King of the Hill gametypes with double XP and 20% bonus credits.

The dev team also released a tease of what players can expect some time this summer, with more details to come later. New features include:

  • New “Inconceivable” Difficulty (Campaign & Horde)
  • IronMan Mode (Campaign & Horde)
  • Level 6 skills for all class skills
  • More skills for existing classes
  • New achievements

In the meantime, get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day by eviscerating those you love.

(Editor's Note: The commentary in this article is meant to be purely figurative and designed for in-game, and not meant to condone any type of real-life violence against loved ones).

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