Faker Sets New Record for Most Concurrent Viewers on Twitch

League of Legends pro gamer opens an account and immediately hits #1.


If you have ever played League of Legends, you are probably familiar with pro gamer Faker, aka Lee Sang-hyeok. His previous livestreams on Azubu always had thousands of viewers, so when he joined Twitch today, his loyal followers came with him.

Twitch announced via Twitter than Faker had achieved a new record of 245,100 concurrent viewers on an individual channel. Faker came over to Twitch after his exclusive deal with Azubu expired. The record-setting stream was interesting for hardcore LoL players, but an English translator who had been assigned to repeat what Faker was saying mysteriously disappeared, leaving the viewers to listen in Korean or just silence.

Faker has been a man of few words, even during he Azubu streams, but it was something he acknowledged and was hoping to remedy in his new Twitch experience. “It’s been a long time since the last time I streamed,” he said through his translator. “At the time I didn’t communicate that much. I’m trying to communicate with the fans from now on.” 

Either way, the amount of viewers proves that Faker is still "god" to his fans, and he is new Twitch home should allow him to gain even more followers, with or without words.  

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