This Massive Final Fantasy VII Snow Sculpture in Hokkaido is Impressive

Sometimes it's difficult to build snowmen, let alone full-fledged scenes like this one. 


The Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido is holding the Sapporo Snow Festival, which is a gathering where attendees can view several impressive ice sculptures. The Japanese military is responsible for these awesome creations, which feature an impressive amount of detail, especially up close. This year the festival is home to a massive Final Fantasy VII sculpture called “Decisive Battle! Final Fantasy in Snow” featuring Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud and Sephiroth locked in combat.

Cloud is about to swing his massive sword and Sephiroth is shown as his familiar “One Winged Angel” self. You can see from the various tweets others have uploaded showing off the sculpture how much work went into bringing it to life. It looks amazing in the daytime, but at night the sculpture even gets projection mapping to make it more realistic.

Famitsu has also covered the reason why Cloud’s head looks so small, since it does appear to be that way. Famitsu states that Cloud’s head was given less weight and his back additional weight because of the snow itself. If Cloud had a larger head, the sculpture may have collapsed.

It’s a massively impressive testament to fans when they want to bring a game to life. If you’re in Hokkaido or able to check out the snow scene, you might want to do so before it’s taken down. But make sure to grab a whole bunch of photos first.

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